The Internet of Everything in the Public Sector

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The Internet of Everything is a $4.6 trillion opportunity for the global public sector over the next decade.

Top 10 Insights

Discover the most important insights Cisco learned from conducting more than 40 in-depth interviews with public-sector jurisdictions around the world.

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All you need to know about how Cisco Consulting Services engaged with local and state/provincial governments and other public-sector organizations to create these leading examples of the Internet of Everything at work in communities around the world.

Public-Sector Value at Stake Economic Analysis

Dive into the details of the $4.6 trillion opportunity for the global public sector to increase efficiency, enhance the citizen experience and create revenue over the next decade

Fast IT Fuels the Internet of Everything

Discover how Fast IT, a simple, smart, and secure model for IT, will accelerate business innovation in the Internet of Everything.